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Introducing our Suppliers

If you’re looking for the authentic taste of the Caribbean, look no further!

At Grace Foods UK we’re passionate about food, and no one knows more about Caribbean food and drink in the UK than us.

We have a diverse and authentic range of products to offer, so whether you’re looking for a spicy sauce for a barbeque, a refreshing tropical drink, or a particular ingredient for a special recipe, we can help.

 Introducing Morris Johnson CEO of Caribbean Gold Teas

Our aim is to deliver to consumers around the world the enormous richness

Caribbean Gold Teas is thus a celebration of deeply-rooted traditions of teas made of the untold number of herbs in the Caribbean.

Nobody knows exactly how many of them exist, but we do know that the ones that we have sourced capture the unforgettable character of the islands. Furthermore, they have been used to create a premium product: our tea cartons are made from the best quality boards to store double chamber bags that keep the flavour of each blend as strong, aromatic and fresh as possible. The tags are sealed in printed paper envelopes.

National Baking Company as we know it today, began as a small bakery in St. Elizabeth. Reginald Hendrickson envisioned greater and better for his business. The company was founded on a passion for baking, but it was a rare business aptitude that took it from one level of triumph to another. From St. Elizabeth, the company next found a home in Mandeville. In search of still greater opportunities, Reginald moved his baking company to Kingston.

 It was then that he truly began to realise the possibilities he had imagined.

There are not many family-owned companies that have had the social, economic, and even environmental impact that National Baking Company has made in Jamaica. The unassuming Hendrickson family, has for four generations, provided jobs, introduced and influenced new processes, and inspired social consciousness.

Dees Caribbean Imports Caribbean Food and Drinks Distributor.

Dee’s supplies the finest Caribbean foods and beverages, Imports over 200 popular branded food and drinks from Jamaican, Barbados, St Lucia.

1. What is special about Christal Cosmetics?

Christal is a Botanical line of skin care targeted for the special needs of Black skin, with a growing number of Black women seeking products for their skincare regime using natural ingredients, these products offer the perfect solution for Dynamic Hydration, Ethno-Radiance, and Sebum Balancing.

2. Why launch a product range specifically for women of colour?

Although basic skin-care needs are the same for everyone, there are some issues that darker skin tones are more likely to experience. 

For example, it may be more prone to skin issues like keloidal (raised) scarring, pronounced hyperpigmentation, sensitivity and ingrown hairs

3. Do black women have particular skin issues that differs from other women?

Black skin is prone to stubborn hyper pigmentation (dark marks) that lingers long after any trauma (blemishes, scratch, burn, acne…) has come and gone. Black skin has specificity: it can be dehydrated and at the same time continue to shine, while a white skin lacking water does never shine. When there's a buildup of dead cells, it can make your skin look grey and ashy.

4. Do you believe that the skin we have is inherited genetically or can be by good diet and skincare? I’ll agree with both statements, but genes don’t determine everything. If your parents have skin that is enviably fine, smooth, glowing, firm, and blemish-free, there is a good chance that you are predisposed to having skin that behaves similarly. A good chance, not a guarantee; your genetic architecture isn’t limited to your parents after all. And every person is unique—you may be the only person in your family to develop acne or a sensitivity to a particular ingredient that is common in most cosmetics. As well, our environments are changing all the time. In other words, just because your family may have great skin does not automatically mean that you will, too, especially if you abuse your skin or do not take care of it.

Drinking water and other liquids often and throughout your day is the best way to keep your body and skin hydrated and supple. Hydrated skin is more elastic and plump, but dehydrated skin is more likely to crack and let in irritants that can cause blemishes. Green juices, which are packed with fruits and vegetables, are a great way to hydrate. A healthy, wholesome diet is a key component to looking your best. Eat fresh, complex fruits and vegetables full of vitamins and nutrients and leave behind processed foods and refined sugars.

5. What products are in the range?

• CLEANSING MILK eliminates all traces of make up and impurities in one single step.

• SEBUM BALANCER FACIAL WASH See blemishes disappear before your eyes.

• CLARIFYING TONING LOTION Lift off dead skin, living the complexion clear, smooth and even toned.

• SEBUM BALANCER MOISTURISER An all natural lightweight cream that has powerful moisturising agents, superior conditioning and anti-aging properties.

• PURIFYING CLAY MASK Removes dead skin cells creating visibly smoother, glowing skin.

• BRIGHTENING REFINING SCRUB For an instant luminous complexion, removes dead skin cells and blemishes.

• MOISTURISING BODY WASH Thanks to its high concentration of moisturising and lipid-replenishing agents, This Pine enriched body wash maintain your skin hydration.

• BODY POLISH SCRUB remove dead skin cells creating visibly smoother, glowing skin.

• DOUBLE WHIPPED BODY CREAM. A rich texture, becomes a creamy oil on application. Regenerates and nourishes the skin. This luxurious cream offers rich moisture for 24 hours

Founder and CEO of

Christal Cosmetics

Congratulations to Christal

Black Beauty and Fashion Awards™ 2017 Winner in the People’s Choice Award!

Black Beauty & Fashion Awards winner 2018

Nominee in the categories of Best Facial Skincare Product.

You are an inspiration.

Christal Cosmetics

2018 Black Beauty & Fashion Awards recipient Recognized as a premier player in black skin care and beauty 

​Christal Cosmetics powered by plant, blessed by nature

Press link and see what Christal Cosmetics may do for you.

Placing an order is simply.